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Does The Big Fish Keep Getting Away?

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

If you are an angler or have ever dabbled in fishing you have a story to tell!

Whether it is about the “One that Got Away” or “The Biggest Fish I Ever Caught”

You see these stories are either about Exaggeration, Pain or Pleasure.

There is a common underlying theme represented in all of them.  Utilizing the Proper Tools and Techniques to capitalize on the given climate, situation or landscape that has been presented.  One must maintain an adequate, diverse and plentiful tackle box that is prepared to handle any situation or task provided.

Much can be said about sales and marketing.  Every single salesperson has their “Big Fish Story”.  he problem with this story is the ending is on an infinite loop that happens every day, quarter and year end.  We have all had our Ah-hah moment of realizing how much losing that big fish truly cost us.

We typically hear one of two tales....

I caught the big fish.


Salespeople complaining that it's not them, their clients aren't any good!

Most fisherman and women enjoy the sport for the relaxation it provides and peace of mind to know you are equipped to handle the situation at hand and at the end of the day feel fulfilled in your catch.

Is this true on the flip side for every salesperson as they get their commission check every month? 

Big commission check = Great Fisherman

Bad commission check = Bad Fisherman


Can they safely say they have had the best tools, best approaches and best techniques to feel satisfied with their sales results?

As a salesman how well equipped is your tackle box?  You know my Mom who was a working class mom raising a number of kids always gave me one piece of advice.

“You do what you do best and Pay someone to do what they do best!”

My story equates very well to your Fish Story in that I have worked my entire career to build the biggest tackle box, carry the biggest net and buy the biggest motor to make sure my catch is both adequate and back to the dock in time to weigh in.

So I ask you this.  When is the last time you have opened up your tackle box and added or updated a few items in it?

From my biggest catch to yours… Be Great!


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