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Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Your ability to lead will reveal how high your ceiling is as a salesperson.

How high is your ceiling?

If your leadership is strong your ceiling is high. Leadership has a multiplying effect. It allows you to make better decisions versus just working harder or putting in more hours. Now don’t get me wrong “grinding it out” is an important trait, but it will not allow you and your business to grow exponentially by itself.

When organizations are struggling they look to replace the leadership. Likewise, when your business is losing money you hire a new CEO. When sales are down you hire a new salesperson.

Work ethic without the true characteristics of leadership will hopefully maintain the current status of your business but it will not move it forward.

Great Leaders have the uncanny ability to combine work ethic, intelligence and passion to impact an organization to drive it forward day in and day out. Make sure that you have a person with these Leadership Qualities running your sales territories or make sure you have them!


Take a quick inventory of your territory. Is there an area where you are lagging? If so, I can almost guarantee you the person leading the way is missing one of these three. It’s time for change.

Lead or Get out of the way!

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