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In the mean time.....

dominate  the   competition!


First off...I'M A SALESMAN!


I specialize in training financial wholesalers, financial advisors and sales professionals.  I live life more enthusiastic and energetic than most!  The reason....Sales and being an entrepreneur is hard work.  My clients, my wife and my kids deserve the best!  My goal with everyone I meet is to be electric and to motivate anyone in my path to take their life and business to another level. I carried the bag as an external wholesaler / outside sales rep for 9 years.  I raised over $1 Billion.  I have trained and spoken to over 20,000 financial professionals.  I have mentored and trained the next generation of the financial industry.

I became a salesman because I wanted to make money!


My first real sales job was selling air tools on the south side of Chicago out of the back of my Nissan Sentra.  My training was to read Think and Grow Rich and the Richest Man in Babylon.  My boss also gave me tapes of Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn.  That was when I became hooked on studying self- help.  Two things that Jim Rohn said have stuck with me for every.

#1 Work harder on yourself than you do your job.  You get paid your exact worth.

#2 You can get more money. You can't get more time.  Become a life long learner and always be adding to your human value.

The firs time I made a cold call I had zero training.  The guy on the other end yelled at me and hung up the phone on me...

I was hooked!

The adrenaline rush from the competition compelled me to keep calling!

The first day in the field I sold about $600 in used tools and I got an order for a $14,000 air tool to change semi-tires.


When I graduated college I went to Olde Discount and became a stockbroker.  It was a tough gig for a 21 year old.  Plus they gave you no training.  We went to the library and pulled a list, the internet wasn't what it is today, to cold call.  Our big pitch was our money market account.


After 1 year I realized what financial wholesaling was and I wanted in.  I started at Allstate as an internal.  After 1 year I made it to the field at the ripe age of 24.  


I made it for really three reasons. 


#1 - I crushed the phone.  Nobody made more phone calls me! 

#2 - I raised money in my own book of business. I put together sales in accounts my external never visited!

#3 - I sold out.  I moved from my home of Chicago to Pittsburgh.  Not a big deal to me, but I've heard of a lot of people unwilling to make similar sacrifices.

I carried the bag for 9 years as an external wholesaler for Allstate, AXA and RiverSource.

I raised over $1 Billion.  I've taken 3 territories from number 19 to the top 3.  My last territory I increased sales over 400% in my first 90 days.

I wanted more.....




I got addicted to self-help and wanted to push my thresholds.  I quit cold turkey.  I went to study Neuro Linguistic Programming.  This is what Tony Robbins philosophy is rooted in and has been in the Pentagon since the 70s.

I started training wholesalers and became a financial advisor. 

In sum, I'm a salesperson through and through...

  • I cold call

  • I run meetings

  • I produce Content

  • I do direct mail

  • I do social media

We do everything we train people to do. 

We have trained, consulted and did keynote presentations to over 20,000 financial sale-professionals.



What drives me is PUSHING MY THRESHOLDS everyday!

How do I get better...

  • As a Family Man

  • Husband

  • Business

  • Financially

  • Health

  • Spiritually

This is best summed up in my daily routine...


Wake Up

5AM - 6AM

Gym / Work

Everyone has an opinion on what workout to do...

...Do the one that drives you to be healthy.

6AM - 6:30AM

Goal Set & Meditate

6:30 - 8AM

Family Time

Protein Shakes, Green Juice, Vitamins and Play

8AM - 6:30PM


6:30AM - 8PM

Play with Kids and Put Them to Bed

8PM - 9:30PM

Spend Time with Wife



I'm always on a constant quest to become more efficient and more disciplined with my life and time.  White space on the calendar is the devil!


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