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10 Commandments for Dominating in Sales

#1 – Create a Vision

Many people I talk to don’t have a vision. I talked to a Vice President of a fortune 100 company and he didn’t have a clear 1, 3 or 5 year vision. A vision pulls you instead of having to kick yourself in the butt to get going everyday. When you have a strong visions decisions become easy.

#2 – Belief

I have seen more sales people over the past 20 years not believe they can hit their sales goal compared to those who believed.

#3 – Focus

We have so many things stealing our focus and our attention. We look at our phones dozens of times a day and our focus is being stolen. Are you focused in on what you want to accomplish? Or Are you talking about what you saw on social media.

#4 – Massive, Massive, Massive Action

I always set my mind with my visions, dreams and goals, but then I forget about them and get to work with massive action. Utilize the idea of overload. When we overload ourselves with productive actions we become more productive. Have big goals with short deadlines. I wrote my first book in 72 hours. Parkinson’s Law says we take whatever we have to do and stretch to meet the time we have allocated. Whether you have a little to do or a lot to do you will get it done in the time allotted.

#5 – Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

How many people go through hard things in life and become sick. Not saying things aren’t tough but do you have strategies and mechanisms to handle tough things. I think most emotions are unwarranted you and others have to deal with your emotions because you don’t have coping strategies. The person who can handle the most without caving to emotions will accomplish the most.

#6 – Be Obsessed

You want to be so obsessed people call you addicted. Addiction to positive things is a great addiction. I’ve been accused of working to hard, burning the candle at both ends and being insane. I know I’m on the write track when I hear those things.

#7 – Self Awareness

Be at cause for your success. It’s easy to point the finger at others, but you’re the only one in charge of your life and your success.

5 things you need to be self aware about…Fear – Shows up as going back to default and comfort. Do you look at things and say they aren’t practical? That’s fear showing up.

Guilt – Do you say you can’t make more money or take a job because it’s going to take time away from your family? That may be warranted, but I often find that is misplaced guilt and holding you back.

Sadness – Something in our past that has caused us deep sadness, so now we say why try?

Anger - I had a business partner that everyone of his past business partners relationships

ended badly. This clouded his judgement. He's practically out of business because of holding on too tight.

Hurt – Maybe you were hurt in a past relationship or business deal. I see people make bad business decisions based on a past hurt they’ve experienced in business and now is holding them back. I see this so much with $1 million-dollar business owners and sales people who just don’t push anymore.

We live in a society where everyone feels bad for other people’s emotions. I’m not saying to not be empathetic, but understand many emotions are unwarranted. PUSH PAST THEM!

#8 – Keep Hungry

There is no there in there. So you need to find the fire and burning desire deep down in side to push. I push to learn. I push to be prepared for all the great opportunities that come my way.

#9 – Time is a Figment of Our Imagination I have 30 years before I slow down. People under estimate what they can do in 5 years, a decade or a life time and over estimate what they can do in 6 months or a year.

#10 – Never, Never, Never Stop!It’s never enough phone calls you can make. It’s never enough meetings you can run. It’s never enough times you can get to the gym. It’s never enough studying you can do. It’s never enough!

You want to have success? You want to reach another level? You want to reach another pinnacle?


Be Great!

Matt Linklater

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