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Become a Great Problem Solver and Communicator (video/audio)

The greatest 2 skills you can master are

Problem Solving

Being a Great Communicator

Having mental flexibility is the key to mastering both.

The ability to go from...

The big picture to the specifics

The specifics to the big picture

The big picture laterally


The specifics laterally

Will help you control any conversation

Win every debate

Persuade more clients

The key is mastering these questions to master the specifics

How did you that?

Why did that happen?

What happened about...?

What, specifically,...

Tell me more about...

What is the root cause of all this?

The key is mastering these questions to master the big picture

What does this mean?'

Let's look at the bigger picture...

How does that relate to...?

What are we trying to achieve here?

Who is this for?

What do they really want?

I'm going to admit after being in sales for 20 years this isn't a sexy silver bullet. These take some time to master. But, once you master them this happens outside of your awareness.

The first time you do something you have to think through it and the results don't turn out that great.

Then you become unconsciously competent meaning mastering this and using it will become automatic!

Practice for 3 days chunking people up.

Practice for 3 days chunking people down.

Practice for 3 days chunking people laterally.

Dominate the Day!

Matt Linklater

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