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There Are Only 4 Objections To Any Product or Service (video/audio)

Everyday as wholesalers, executives, managers, trainers etc. we go out and are selling advisors, those we manage and those we report to on our ideas and products.

The common denominator...

We all want to be more influential!

I have discovered the Only 4 Objections that people use. The 4 Objections are around...




This won't work for me

Being in sales since I was 18 and spending 10 years as a wholesaler what I know is that you need to either preempt the objections or be able to handle the objections.

I wanted to give you the 5 Strategies to Overcome Objections or Resistance in your presentations and pitches.

In this video and my previous videos I wanted to cut right to the chase with you and give you real solutions right now so you can go sell more. But, I feel I may be short changing you...


Mastering and utilizing what is known as soft skills takes time to master!

There are mental strategies and flexibility drills that can install strategies and make your mind more flexible. The buzz word is Neuro-Pasticity. That is boring, but useful. I'll send those things in the next week or so, but,

I want to offer 2 things before you go...

#1 - I will send you activities and things you can practice to become a Master Communicator in the next week or 2.

#2 - To master these techniques you need to practice one technique for 3 days.

Trust me on this!

We have all left a presentation training and tried to implement everything and have fallen on our faces. What happens next?...

We Go Back To Default our Comfort Zone!

Soft Skills are tricky like that, so don't under estimate the power of these strategies and don't under estimate the amount of practice.

Here are 5 Strategies to Overcome Objections. Go practice and Go Dominate!

Dominate The Day,


PS. I'm giving 5 Strategies To Overcome Any Objection

PSS. Practice them one at a time for a minimum of 3 days before you move on to the next one or try to incorporate all 5 in your presentations!

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