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Alabama Does This To Dominate Every Year (video/audio)

Success often boils down to our big goals and our actions everyday. Some days we have so much coming at us that we become a victim of our circumstance and as a result our big goals and dreams get thrown to way side.

The best thing you can do is live your life in...


When I was in college I coached football at Western Illinois University. We were ranked #2 in the country for 1AA. The biggest lesson I learned was from the head coach. Before every game he would say...

"Today you're going to play 70 plays. But, the game is only going to be decided by 3 or 4 of those plays. The problem is we don't know which plays will be those game deciders. Whether you're on offense, defense, punt, punt return, kick off or kick return you better be playing at your highest capacity."

Alabama's football coach Nick Saben says something similar.

Nick says...

"Today you're going to play 70 plays. Each of those plays lasts an average of 7 seconds. You're only goal is to play full out for the 7 seconds that are in front of you at any moment."

Life throws a ton of things at us on a daily basis, but our success boils down to 7 second increments.

What tasks can you plan out that you can focus on that will drive your success regardless of what else is going on around you?

Be great!

Matt Linklater

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