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David Hogg is Stealing People’s Minds with This Little Unknown Trick

The most recent events in America seem to be unprecedented, but why are they happening?

The logic or illogical hasn’t gotten better or worse.

If you’re on the pro-gun side the other side hasn’t gotten more illogical.

If you’re on the anti-gun side the other side hasn’t gotten more illogical.

The anti-gun side hasn’t just become better funded.

Now I’m not saying that what happened on 2/14 wasn’t tragic. But why this one evoking so much controversy?

Why now?

David Hogg and his cohorts are utilizing this secret trick to steal our minds and it is how sales are made.

Have you ever heard that sales are made on emotion and justified by logic? That is exactly what is happening. The emotion that is being evoked is off the charts.

We all make decisions based on emotion. We are pre-programmed. Many neuro-scientists say we make a decision based on emotion up to 6 seconds before we become logically aware of it.

We all have experiences where we wanted something emotionally that it defied all logic.

So why do anti-gun messages arouse more emotion than pro-gun messages?

Here’s a secret insight hardly anyone knows about:

When you speak and communicate information in verbal form you are activating the frontal part of your brain (which is also called the neo-cortex if you want to get all fancy about it).

​The frontal (the neo-cortex) part of your brain is the logical, analytical, thinking part of the brain. It’s necessary for you to “think through” what information you want to verbalize and how you want to structure the information you deliver.

​Which is good, right?

​We wouldn’t be the modern human beings we are today with iPhones, mathematical equations, feats of engineering and so on, without the frontal lobe (neo-cortex part of our brain).


When your verbal message is RECEIVED by another person it FIRST goes through the most primitive part of the brain (the brain stem – or what is often called the reptilian part of the brain).

This Primitive Part of the Brain Called the Lymbic Brain Only Has 1 Job to Protect Us!

When it encounters you it asks 3 questions:

  1. Do I want to kill it?

  2. Do I want to eat it?

  3. Do I want to mate with it?

​Neuroscientist say that we make decisions up to 6 seconds before our neo-cortex kicks in and provides logic around why we've made the decision.

We then put Social Context around the feeling.

Then we apply Logic to justify the feeling.

Emotional driven messages are going to grab your audience’s attention. If you can hit the emotion hard enough the audience will accept any logic. The best way to appeal to emotions is through Hot Cognitions.

A Hot Cognition is a theory that we make decisions based on emotion. You will evoke emotion by appealing0 to someone’s fear of loss or their fear of missing out on something.

That my friends is how David Hogg is stealing our minds in America.

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