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Master This to Master Your Sales Presentations (video/audio)

I remember my first days in the field and how much I bombed them! Yes, I was absolutely terrible. I have 4 products in my bag and in 1 hour meeting I would show every product I had to the advisor.

The Result Was...

A glazed over look in the advisors face and eyes. They were in a state of overwhelm!

But, nobody taught me.

The best I got was...

Tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em

Tell 'em

Tell 'em what you told 'em

This is ridiculous!

The issue is most sales people / wholesalers go in and tell, they don't sell. There is a huge difference. Most sales presentations I witness are caught down in the details. The wholesaler is telling their product details.

The problem is this doesn't capture your audiences attention.

How do you capture your audiences attention?

You need to become a more flexible communicator. The most flexible communicator will control all conversations.

To be a great wholesaler, salesperson and presenter you need to be able to communicate to your clients...

Problems & Goals

But, that's not it...

You also need to relate your product to how it solves a problem or accomplishes a goal.

In doing so you need to effectively maneuver between...

The Big Picture - Problems & Goals

Specifics - Product

Laterally - Examples of your product, problems & Goals

Understanding this Sales Communication Model is the essential to...

Being interesting

Capturing your audiences attention

Making sales

Being invited back

Great Presentations

Wowing audiences

Being promoted

Crushing the competition

The bottom line is you will be able to communicate circles around others!

There are many other facets that come into play with this model...

  1. 9 Presuppositions to Language

  2. 19 Language Patterns to control the big picture

  3. 9 Language Patterns to control the specificity of communication

  4. StorySelling

  5. Wheel Barrow Method - Objection Handling

  6. 6 Box Matrix - Presentation Strategy

  7. 6 Box Phone Matrix - Phone Sales

  8. Frames to Controlling all Communication

Master this Model and you will close more sales this week!

Dominate the day,

Matt Linklater

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