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You're Only as Strong as Your Farm Team

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

The greatest sports teams in the world do it.

The best corporations in the world do it.

The best Broadway shows invest in it

Parents even try to accomplish it.

They all not only invest in but they believe in building up the “FARM System”

Just look at the University of Alabama Football Team or the New England Patriots.  They have an astound belief about “The Next Man Up”

This would be the training and development of your second string or rookie ball players.  In terms of corporations it is your future leaders of the organization.  For parents it is building a legacy so your kids have more than you did.

So “What is the Big Idea”?

The Farm System goes well beyond the Farm Team.  It is actually just like a full scale-able farm in operation.  Keep adding fields, keep offspring growing and keep investing in technology to make your cost of production lower.

For every person that has ever planted a garden knows how important and pesky keeping the weeds and bugs out.  They also know how hard it is to maintain it.  If you look at a farm operation no matter if it is Organic, Non-GMO or GMO they seem to have perfected this method and it is much easier than our small backyard operation.

You see it is simple.  When the Grain Silo fills up, we shift to another.  When are fields are at capacity we grow closer or add more fields.

For my sales teams and managers out there I challenge you to see if your “Team” has this same philosophy?  Are you constantly rear looking or do they focus on forward thinking?  Do your sales teams utilize old and out dated strategies or are they investing in manpower and staff to review every possible angle?

The best teams out their have a specific role for everyone and everyone knows that role.  They also know to evolve with that role and model the best in the industry of their role.

For every basketball player they model the behavior and skill set of Lebron James or Steph Curry.  For every middle aged man they model the behavior of Tom Brady and the TB12 Method.  For every girl out their that does not like dance and ballet they model the skill set of US Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn.

Much like farmers we are building new silos, adding new fields and investing in technology to lower our cost. When one silo fills up we know precisely when and where to shift too.

Here is the new crop I am currently farming.

Sales teams want better strategies and desire to increase sales.  Business Owners that believe in the American Dream, the American Eco-System and know how to build a farm team

A farm team of professionals that can get the job done.

Mentor those around you so that you can have a great farm system surrounding your sales!

Built by America and for America!

Only the Best,


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